Coastal Fisheries

Sustainable management of coastal fisheries resources and ecosystems improved through better quality scientific information, legal advice, support, mentoring and empowerment at the community level

  • Surveys of commercially important invertebrates
  • Socioeconomic surveys of coastal communities, including gender-segregated data
  • Mainstreaming of gender and rights-based approach, training, and national gender stocktakes
  • Coastal fisheries data collection and national database development, including trials of new technology
  • Support and mentoring for the community-based ecosystem approach to fisheries management (CEAFM) at national and local levels
  • CEAFM management and coordination with nongovernmental organisations (NGOs)
  • CEAFM activities at subnational and community levels
  • Communication activities and production and dissemination of information and materials for communities
  • Capacity development through long-term and shortterm attachments for national fisheries and NGO staff
  • Outreach activities, including adaptation with communities

Coastal Fisheries
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