Empowering Women in Fisheries: PEUMP Programme leads GESI Training for WiFN-Fiji

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Gender Adviser, Margaret Fox during the training.
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To support Women in Fisheries Network- Fiji Call for Action the PEUMP Programme organised and facilitated a GESI training to build knowledge and understanding of WiFN-Fiji staff and community members on GESI concepts and how they relate to and matter in the fisheries sector.

The Women in Fisheries Network- Fiji works to facilitate networks and partnerships to enable opportunities for women to be informed about all aspects of sustainable fisheries and increase their meaningful participation in decision making and management opportunities in Fiji.

The in-person training also focused on strengthening GESI technical capacity of WiFN-Fiji staff enhance gender mainstreaming in their work at community level focusing on GESI-sensitive community engagement and community-based fisheries management planning CBFM.