Impact Highlight


Name: Takaia Tekaie

Country:             Kiribati

Position:             Factory Manager at the Kiribati Fish Limited

Takaia took part in the FFA Regional Fish Inspectors Training held in Suva, Fiji Islands from 8th - 26th April 2019. The training was funded by the PEUMP programme and is part of the Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) KRA 2 activities.    

How are you currently using what you learnt during the training?
I conducted training to my staffs on some of the topics we covered during in the training. I apply some of the skills to situations at work for example when I work with the Competent Authority team.

Have you done anything differently in your work as a result of the training? 
Yes, I am more concerned about Food Safety and I spend more time on Quality Assurance and Market Access requirements. This is different because before the training, I mainly concentrated on the Operation aspect of the industry.

What positive outcomes are you seeing as a result of what you are doing?
I have an increased understanding of the competent authority team’s responsibility and their role in working with us to achieve our goals.  I am now participating more actively during their visits and involve myself in their weekly and monthly audit in order to comply with the US, EU and other standards.

What factors contributed to the success of the positive outcomes? 
Working together with the competent authority team gives me more confidence by understanding them well especially for preparations before external audits that we successfully passed and we passed the safe quality food (SQF) audit with good results.

Looking back, what would you change about the training to improve it?
The use of sample papers and forms for EU market access requirements and application forms for other markets to help the trainees to complete the forms and what procedures are required. Include a scenario exercise on market access and correct the trainees on the right procedure, as this will help them to apply for EU or US markets.

There should be an advanced training after this one that is more practical and concentrate on market access. The training should involve an EU Market expert from the EU so that they can give advice on how we can apply for EU markets along with procedures and requirements.